The UKJJF Referee Qualification

The UKJJF will offer its own referees, depending on event, based on what grade is considered necessary for the magnitude and level of competition. Each referee will be of the UKJJF’s own diploma and qualification.

Each event will have a Head Referee with a team of UKJJF referees working underneath them. There will be three levels of refereeing qualification available to candidates and referees are only deemed usable for events that they are qualified for, unless otherwise in training.

  • Level 1 – Capable of and qualified to refereeing at regional competitive events.
  • Level 2 – Capable of and qualified to referee at regional and national competitive events.
  • Level 3 – Capable of and qualified to referee at regional, national and international competitive events.

All candidates, when starting their refereeing career, will have to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the competitive rule set and an ability to apply the rules to a competitive match. This is done through both theory and practical based examination.

Courses will be offered which will present qualified referees to progress to the next attainable level. Each candidate must score above a certain percentage in their theory based exam in order to pass, before taking part in a live, practical assessment at a UKJJF event alongside an experienced senior referee.

Once the UKJJF Level 1 Refereeing Diploma is achieved, the referee will be issued a referee’s passport, which they are to carry at all UKJJF events. The purpose of this passport is to log their event experiences, grading’s and relevant dates and be used in application for achieving the next attainable UKJJF Refereeing Diploma.

Each attainable level of UKJJF Refereeing Diploma will be progressively more demanding and difficult to achieve. This is in order to reflect the demanding and often difficult decisions required at larger events. In order to referee at the highest level, candidates are required to be a referee of the highest level.