Traditional JuJitsu – TJJ

TJJ, also known as Traditional JuJitsu in UKJJF is a department which is responsible for the competition JiuJitsu and Style JiuJitsu (DAN degrees followed by the Ebo No Kata of Mister Mario Den Edel).

TJJ is in the UKJJF responsible for education of the referees, selection of athletes for the World and European Championships events of JJEU and JJIF. UKJJF is member of JJIF and JJEU and therefore we follow the rules and competition format of these Unions. See therefore a small description of the 3 Competition formats we follow in UKJJF.

UKJJF is under direction of Rick Frowyn, chairman traditional JiuJitsu and his commission contains the next persons:

Oliver Geddes, head referee UKJJF TJJ, National Newaza referee

Brian Frowyn, National referee in JiuJitsu – Newaza and Fighting system

  1. Stoltz, Head of Dan degrees.

Rick Frowyn, head coach of competition JuJitsu.