Traditional Ju Jitsu Chairman: Rick Frowyn

Rick Frowyn, born 1965 Utrecht the Netherlands. Married, 2 sons and living in Nieuwegein, close to Utrecht.  Active in Judo and traditional JuJitsu since 2002. In 2008 started with organizing the competition team of a athletes in Judo and JuJitsu for a gym in Nieuwegein. In 2009 I was asked to become boardmember of the department Middle Netherlands of the Dutch Judo Federation which job I have done for 6 years. Also I was responsible for the competition JuJitsu in the Netherlands since 2011, and in 2013 I joined the JuJitsu European Union as a commission member. In 2015 I was elected as General Secretary of the JJEU. Also in 2015 I am elected as board member of the Dutch Judo Federation and in this role I am also the first responsible for JuJitsu in Newaza, DUO and Fighting.

In November 2017 I was having a meeting with the director of UKJJF, Mr Oliveira, and after a nice discussion he asked me to become the chairman of the traditional JuJitsu department in the UKJJF.

My goals are to create a good sportive atmosphere for all UK traditional JuJitsu athletes, with also the goal to have in 2020 some UK athletes on either the European Championships in JuJitsu in Vienna Austria or at the World Championships in Abu Dhabi UAE.

The first steps we are going to make is to appoint some referees for National licence, and develop them to become a good and reliable Newaza JiuJitsu referee and a Fighting referee. In 2018 and 2019 a lot of meetings have to be set to adjust the UK traditional JuJitsu community to the UKJJF organisation. With a body filled with people of TJJ and JJ we will become the strongest JuJitsu federation in Europe and achieve great results.

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