Oli Geddes – Guard Jumping

Guard Jumping Due to the potential for injury (predominantly to the knees) guard jumping has been banned for white belts. When two fighters are both standing, and one jumps straight to a guard position, the fight should immediately be stopped. The athlete who jumped guard is given a single penalty and the fight is then restarted from standing. This also applies to any kind of flying submission attempt such as flying triangles, jumping guillotines and armbars. Even if the submission is locked in, the fight is stopped, no advantages are given for the attempt, and the penalty is assigned.

One uncommon but important rule that also applies is if the person who jumps guard is currently in a position where points could potentially be scored against them (such as if an attacker is holding a grip on the pants, or holding a leg in a single leg position), then after the fighters are separated the offender will be given a single penalty but the attacker will be awarded the 2 points they were in the process of potentially scoring as well, since the movement was interrupted by an illegal action. It doesn’t happen all that often but is treated in the same way as fleeing the mat to avoid a takedown or sweep. Illegal actions should not prevent someone from having points scored against them. I hope that helps to clarify this new aspect of the rule, and as a referee I can definitely say that this slight adjustment in the ruleset has definitely seen more competitors contesting takedowns in the white belt divisions, which can only be a good thing. Until next time!

Oli Geedes - Head Referee @ United Kingdom Jiu Jitsu Federation