Oli Geddes – Advantages for passing the guard

Advantages for passing the guard Continuing on from last week’s column, we’re going to look at another rules clarification for passing the guard, which is advantages for nearly passing the guard. These can come in one of two different situations - either when you successfully clear someone’s guard, make it to a dominant position and are then immediately replaced inside their guard. This is worth one advantage.

You can also receive an advantage for forcing someone to turtle to defend a guard pass. That is to say that you have made it to a dominant position, however temporarily, and your opponent turns to the knees to prevent you stabilising, either turning away and giving up their back or turning towards you and attempting a double or single leg. In both these situations, once the defender is stabilised on their knees, the attacker will receive a single advantage point.

This does NOT mean that you get an advantage if the guard player turns to his knees to attempt an attack from the guard. If the guard player were to sit up from the guard to attempt a single or double leg, it was to fail and the passer was to end up on top of the turtle position, he does not get an advantage for the position. Equally, if the passer were to force the guard player into the turtle position in another way but without them turning away to avoid a guard pass, the passer would also not receive an advantage for that. Hopefully that clarifies a few guard passing advantage calls in future! Until next time!

Oli Geedes - Head Referee @ United Kingdom Jiu Jitsu Federation