Jackson Sousa – Triangle from Spider Guard

Jackson Sousa – Triangle from Spider Guard

Step 1

Starting with your feet on your opponents hips with both hands on your opponents sleeves.

Step 2

Move to Spider Guard by placing one foot on his bicep

Step 3

Move your hand from the his sleeve and control the inside of your opponents collar on the apposite side to your foot making sure to continue to apply
pressure on his bicep with your foot

Step 4

Slide your foot from his/her bicep across his neck whilst keeping a firm grip on his/her opposite sleeve

Step 5

Start to cross his arm across your body, grab your shin with the hand that was controlling the sleeve
and lock up the triangle with your opposite leg

Step 6

Hug your leg and apply pressure to secure the submission

Filmed By Max Rose-Fyne At London Fightzone

Thanks to Jackson Sousa