More than a Coach

This training workshop is aimed at improving a coach's ability to teach and give you a better understanding of people. By attending this new educational workshop you will develop your coaching skills and have more tools that will impact your students.

Here is what to expect from this fun and interactive workshop

  •  More than a coach
  • Create a better learning environment
  • Teaching vs Learning

More than a coach

This section will be aimed at helping you improve the other aspects of your coaching. The more personable skills that will help you better understand your students.

Create a better learning environment

This part of the training will be showing you how to make sure the environment is perfect for your students. This means there are no barriers to restrict their learning

Teaching vs learning

This section will teach you the difference between teaching and learning. You may be showing perfect technique, but are your students learning. We aim to help you understand how different people learn and how to best cater for them.

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