Mental health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

This workshop is aimed at giving coaches a little more confidence to deal with situations when they arise. If the coach has a better understand of what someone is going through or has a better understanding of how to deal with a situation, your student has someone to speak to. Mental health is often a subject many coaches bypass as they do not feel it is their responsibility, it is!

Many of your students will spend more time in the gym than they do at home. You may see them more than their wife’s, husbands, or parents. If this is the case then you have more chance of spotting any underlying or developing problems.

What will you learn

  • How to distinguish the difference in symptoms
  • Types of disorder
  • How to approach someone with a sensitive question
  • How to deal with sensitive information that you have been told
  • Who should you contact

for more informartion on this program please contact the Mr. O’Keeffe: